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How to boost your web site traffic by 40%

This FinTech Scotland guest blog from Copy House provides a concise summary of content marketing and it’s importance to modern day marketing.

It explains that ‘content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable and consistent content to attract and retain customers from a clearly defined target audience.’

In the feature video content marketing guru Neil Patel provides a comprehensive walk through of the science, covering the fundamentals of SEO, how it is a constant not one off process, content design strategies and case studies of successful content marketeers.

Content Marketing

Great content is the keystone foundation for all aspects of digital marketing. Copy House writes:

“On average, content marketing PULLS IN 3X AS MANY LEADS AND COSTS 62% LESS THAN TRADITIONAL MARKETING. A well-written piece of content also continues to drive traffic to your site long after you publish it.”

It attracts ‘backlinks‘ that builds your SEO ranking, encourages viral social sharing of your articles and can even be used for PR, submitting it to popular media titles for republishing. Our site enjoys a top level Google ranking and our articles have been published by media brands such as Holyrood Magazine and PublicTechnology.

Genuinely informative articles will be referenced and shared, building your traffic and critically, position you and your business as an expert in your field. Copy House articulates the key insight that potential customers will assess your credibility through the professionalism of your site, before speaking to you. If it’s poor, you’ll never know.

Boost your web site traffic by 40%

While simple in principle this is actually the area that most businesses struggle with the most. Finding the time to regularly author high quality articles is near impossible for busy entrepreneurs, and even then many find it an impossible task – Writing well crafted, insightful and compelling content that engages time poor readers is a rare skill that not many possess. It requires a switching of gears that is very hard to do when busy with many other tasks.

So of course what we recommend is to leverage the capabilities of professional copy writers, like our own services and agencies like Copy House. Experts that spend all their time producing great content.

This takes the work load off your shoulders and delivers a quick and tangible impact. For example for our client 2i we produced a series of blogs, like this one, this one and this one, which drove an immediate boost in their web traffic.

Director Robert Kirkwood says:

“Digital Scotland has excelled in providing 2i with blogs for our web site that made a real impact, the expert and exciting content has proven a compelling draw for our target market and our web site traffic is up 40%.

Neil has worked diligently to collaborate with our consulting team to understand a complex technology field and produce well crafted articles that showcases the company as industry thought leaders.”

Content marketing isn’t only for tech companies, indeed when you consider industries like Tourism it highlights one of the best natural assets that Scotland offers – Our deep and rich history and folk lore. The opportunity is to ‘Harness the Outlander Effect‘, tapping into the massive global audience that has also leveraged this history, hugely popular TV shows like Outlander.

And of course by utilizing creative writers you’re limited only by your imagination for innovative campaign ideas. For example check out this short horror story we wrote about the game Monstrum 2. This pioneers “Game Fiction”, a form of storytelling that sets the scene for and provides a vehicle for engaging a new, larger audience with a game.

Build a Buzz for your Business

So if you’d like to harness exciting and creative content to drive a web traffic boost for your business, get in touch and we’ll be happy to brainstorm ideas with you.

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