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Digital Strategy

digitalscotland July 13, 2021

A digital strategy can range from a simple automation + tools project, such as digitizing a paper-based form workflow and providing your staff with Cloud-based email, through to a global-scale ‘disruptive innovation’ campaign.

Like any technology adoption project it is best shaped by organizational goals and real-world limitations of their current position. A small 5-person business is likely best served by the first, simple automation example, whereas a 100-year old bank employing 20k+ IT employees will have eyes for the opposite, large-scale innovation goal.

Small organizations are likely to have needs addressed by any one of thousands of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, and an IT support requirement best met by an equally small, local IT maintenance provider. Thus their digital strategy will be mainly product-driven, a level of consulting that these app providers can offer, and should fit comfortably with their skills/ budget level.

Enterprise organizations face more of a challenge of large-scale transformation due to their size and complexity, best addressed through a process of Business Transformation and Enterprise Architecture, a process that can be initiated following a Digital Maturity Model assessment.