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Digital Maturity Model – A Framework for Planning Digital Transformation

digitalscotland July 13, 2021
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The central challenge for large organizations and their ambitions for Digital Transformation is that their IT organization is mainly operationally focused.

From providing help desk support for printers and PCs through maintaining the legacy data centre servers and applications, most of their time and budget is consumed with ‘keeping the lights on’, there is little left for the new skills and new ways of working that Digital Transformation requires.

Digital Maturity

An ideal way to plan a route forward from this position is through the lens of Digital Maturity, comparing your current state to a progressing capability ladder and from that planning a step by step evolution.

MIT recommends shifting the focus from digital transformation to digital maturity, and with Deloitte describe how to Achieve Digital Maturity through Strategy Driven IT Transformation.

The Digital Transformation People describe the Digital Transformation Pyramid, a visual way to define the structures for connecting top level business model strategy through corporate change management and ultimately technology implementation, to understand what key corporate patterns may be weak or missing.

McKinsey explores Six Building Blocks for how specific sections can be quantified as major capabilities, and a number of maturity models are available for organizations to compare their current state and plan a roadmap for advancing towards this overall target operating model.

CIO writes an initial outline for how to adopt this approach and a mix of templates, service engagements and industry-specific models include Forresters DMM 4.0, EY’s Digital Readiness assessment, and the Open Roads Open Digital Model and TM Forums DMM for the telco sector.

Others discuss implementation approaches like MIT Sloan, Geoffrey Moore and Wardley Mapping. Cognizant offers a white paper detailing six stages of transformation, and ZDNet offers a model from a context of Social Business.