Building a Scottish Digital Ecosystem

A community-developed blueprint for a Scottish Digital Ecosystem
Digital · August 10, 2019

A blueprint for building the world’s most advanced digital nation.

The mission of Digital Scotland is to support and help accelerate the Scottish Government’s ambition for the country to become a world leading digital nation. A keystone foundation required to achieve this is a single, unifying technology architecture for a national platform.

Read the background and overview in this ebook, covering:

  • Building Digital Ecosystems – A global review of technologies and best practices to enable digital ecosystems, based on key innovations notably the Blockchain and SSI: Self-Sovereign Identity. This is headlined by a goal of building a National Blockchain Network.
  • Scottish Ecosystem programs – Mapped to work groups building out associated local ecosystem components, such as a Scottish Digital Identity program.
  • Ecosystem Service Design Supported by implementation tools and practices, for adopting and applying these principles to your own industries and organizations.

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