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Using Agile in Scottish Local Government

digitalscotland July 13, 2021
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This Digital Office Youtube video shares a recorded webinar featuring presentations from Jonny Cormie of Angus Council, Judith Quinn from Fife Council and Alex Rodwell from Orkney Islands Council, showcasing the use of Agile practices across these councils.

Topics include:

  • The skills gap challenge across the Scottish public sector, as many are at the earliest stages of Agile adoption.
  • Case studies from Angus, Fife, Orkney and Renfrewshire.
  • An introduction to the key principles, methods, techniques, frameworks, tools, challenges and benefits.

Judith Quinn of Fife Council describes how the main use of Prince2 was proving problematic due to inflexibility and lots of paperwork and a build up of siloed working, and moving to Agile encouraged more dynamic, customer-centric flexibility, with a lighter touch for documentation and a more responsive culture vs rigid following of plans.

Alex Rodwell of Orkney Islands Council relates how Agile fits within Prince2 governance models, how they make use of key practices like SCRUM and Sprints and how your organization might best adopt Agile.