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Digital Health & Social Care: Realizing Scotland’s Opportunities

digitalscotland July 26, 2021
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In the feature video Miles Briggs and David Stewart provide an introduction that emphasizes the opportunity for Scotland from Digital Health and Social Care.

Miles describes how our European neighbours have taken up the next generation of e-health technologies where Scotland hasn’t, but ultimately has the opportunity to lead the world in this field.

He identifies the key areas for improvement to achieve this, notably a lack of integration between systems, and that Scotland seems to have a lot of pilots active across the country but that there’s a blockage in moving them through to nationwide deployment.

David also believes smarter systems can revolutionize healthcare and sees the potential for patient data to be better used to forecast healthcare trends for the individual and for the nation whole to plan healthcare services, while of course ensuring this is done with complete protection of their data privacy.

From Idea to Delivery

Dr. Margaret Whoriskey, Head of Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation for the Scottish Government, describes how the sector is evolving from idea to being a method of delivering healthcare services.

She identifies the main challenges to adoption are culture, changing how people work, transforming services while they are being implemented, financing of these new ways of doing things and public engagement, meeting the expectations of citizen users.

To overcome them Margaret believes the key is for digital transformation to involve every one not just technology staff, making it part of every one’s role, and also cross-industry collaboration that brings together multiple different agencies.

Digital Healthcare in the Era of Covid-19

In this ALLIANCE Live interview, Andrew Strong (Director of Integrated Services) interviews Jonathan Cameron, Head of Digital Health and Care at the Scottish Government.

The interview kicks off by asking Jonathan what Covid-19 has taught us about the enablers and challenges of adopting digital services, and he responds by saying things have changed radically, driving an unprecedented speed and scale of delivery. This includes the public embracing uptake of digital tools.

From 5m:10s Andrew asks how Scotland is performing against the ambitions of the headline Digital Health and Social Care strategy published a couple of years ago, particularly in light of the impacts of Covid-19. Jonathan believes some areas have enjoyed great progress, citing examples like the NMAHP digital champions network, while others haven’t progressed as much as they’d like, such as citizen access to data.

At 8m:05s Andrew then asks what the next steps are for the strategy. Jonathan says they are going to refresh the strategy, Covid-19 has prioritized functions such as improving digital access to GP practices and appointments, collecting and enhancing data, and continuing the success of the National Digital Platform.