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The NES Digital Service – A Platform approach for building a unified digital health and care service for Scotland

digitalscotland July 26, 2021
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The NES Digital Service (NDS) was established in 2018 to deliver the National Digital Platform, a central part of Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Strategy.

The objective is a Platform approach for building a unified digital health and care service for Scotland.

As FutureScot reports the team showcased their progress to date.

“The National Digital Platform service layers for the citizen, clinician and administrator have been evolved from a core architecture originally developed by the UK Government Digital Service.”

“The lefthand side shows the NDS agile software and cloud-based approach to creating the platform and the right is a list of the multivarious systems it must integrate with.”

The Platform strategy is to use the same architectural components and design libraries that use the same UI (user interface) components and the same service design components so that service patterns, interface patterns, design patterns will be consistent across the whole system.

Digital Service Design for Healthcare

As they write on their blog a key objective is to apply the service design principles pioneered by GDS to the Healthcare domain.

In this blog CTO Alistair Hann describes the component parts, including a digital identity strategy of integration with the NHS-wide Office 365 directory for staff identities and the ‘CHI number’ for patient identifiers. with future plans to tie in with the Identity Assurance program, and implementing a ‘clinical data repository’ (CDR) using the openEHR standard.

UKAuthority reports how the platform will be implemented on the public Cloud, a 10-year £15m procurement.

In this video NES Director Geoff Huggins explains that their key goals are achieving the best quality data to support clinical care, to enable the innovation of new digital services across Scotland and to support research through using data at scale, to find new ways to treat illnesses.

Geoff explains the team is multi-disciplined, including clinicians and data scientists as well as software engineers.

Geoff describes how one of their first services is the ‘Respect’ app. As they explain on their blog“ReSPECT is a process that creates personalised recommendations for a person’s clinical care in a future emergency in which they are unable to make or express choices.”

It’s an example of the important modernization needed for digital public services, where currently much duplication of manual, paper-based work is needed.

By developing it on their platform, the app becomes available to any one in Scotland who are connected to the platform, and it enables the further development of new services using the data and combining it with other data, such as emergency care summaries.

Over the next 12 months they plan a series of meetings with other stakeholders to identify how the platform may be further developed to support new services.