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Digital Government Transformation

digitalscotland July 13, 2021

Digitizing Scotland’s public services is central to achieving the broader ambitions of building a world leading digital nation, as Colin Cook, the Digital Director for the Scottish Government, describes for Digital Leaders. The Digital Directorate publish a regular blog series here, providing updates on their various initiatives.

The digital nation strategy defines an overall vision for digital adoption across Scotland, encompassing aspects from inclusion through ethics, business and sector support, with Section 3 specifically detailing the role of Digital Government services, where it describes:

The people we serve expect services that are responsive and tailored to their needs and they expect to hold us to account for the quality and efficiency of these services. This requires us to both re-think how we design and deliver services and change the operating model of the organisations that provide them.

This identifies a number of specific activities including designing services around the needs of users with security built in from the outset and adoption of a common approach to online identity where personal data is controlled by the individual.

This should take place within a larger context of Transforming Government, transforming services by transforming the organisations that deliver them through building national and local government on digital business models, making progress across each of the factors described by Audit Scotland in their reports Enabling Digital Government and Digital Progress in Local Government.