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Developing a Digital Leadership Pathway

digitalscotland August 16, 2021
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Leadership from Scotland’s government organizations is essential for the successful digital transformation of the nation.

As the digital nation strategy describes “This is not simply a question of adopting new or better technology. It requires a fundamental shift in culture, skills, leadership, service design, process engineering, the use of data, collaboration, and investment planning.

The Scottish Digital Academy

The Scottish Digital Academy is charged with building this capacity, providing high quality professional learning and training to develop digital skills to support transformation and service design across the public and third sectors in Scotland.

In an introductory blog head of the academy Lee Dunn explains the ongoing formulation of their Strategic Business Plan for supporting Scotland’s public sector to build this expertise, which sets out their aims, ambition and thematic priorities for the next four years.

They will be developing new digital skills pathways that will increase the breadth and depth of their training offer and will seek to grow their agile coaching service, demonstrating the positive impact that their offer has across the public and third sectors in Scotland, measuring new performance indicators and outcomes that align to the National Performance Framework.

Developing a Digital Leadership Pathway - @OfficialLeeDunn, Head of the @ScotGovSDA, explains their strategy for building digital leadership capacity across Scotland's public sector. Click to Tweet