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Ensure an inclusive tourism experience with Neatebox

digitalscotland July 26, 2021
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As the feature video describes VisitScotland stresses the importance of an accessible destination strategy.

They highlight how groups such as the elderly and disabled travelers spend over £300 billion in the UK each year, and so it’s critical destinations show they are open and welcoming for all visitors. The Tourism School explain what Inclusive Tourism is and why it’s so important for brands in this guide.

VisitScotland offers an Inclusive Tourism Toolkit, and other excellent resources include this universal design guide, and Travability offers this marketing toolkit.


Just this week Neatebox were recognized as a rising Scottish tech star. As a pioneer of ‘Social Tech’, technology intended to achieve a social good, they specialize in making businesses and public sector organizations more accessible.

Their ‘Welcome‘ product is intended to achieve what the name suggests, it makes venues more welcoming.

This free app allows you to request visits to participating venues, indicating the areas you need customer service to have awareness of and the specific assistance you require. Venues are notified of the visit request and receive an overview of your condition and top tips to aid their interaction with you.

An example of a business in the tourism sector using the app is Edinburgh Airport. As Insider reports:

“The ‘Welcome’ app by Edinburgh-based Neatebox allows people with disabilities to set up a personal profile and request assistance in advance from facilities and venues which recognise the app, such as Edinburgh Airport.”

Future Travel Experience describes that the app sends a signal to the airport’s Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) reception to notify staff that the passenger is on their way to the airport, so they can prepare for their arrival and offer a personal and respectful service. This is another addition to the airport’s efforts to make the terminal open and accessible to all.

A detailed case study review of their implementation is available here.