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Why Google Ads may not solve sales issues in your tour business – Digital Tourism Show #219

digitalscotland July 26, 2021
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Chris discusses some preconceptions about Google Ads and at what stage it is right for your business… if at all.

“Google Ads is a great tool when used correctly. As a marketing channel, I have seen outstanding results from Google Ads that have transformed businesses for the better, but it’s important to recognise that most of these businesses realised how important it was to invest time and money in order to receive a true return on investment.”

“Before I continue, yes, I’d like to acknowledge that you can definitely grow your revenue via Google Ads on a modest budget, but this really does depend on your destination and how competitive it is – i.e. how many of your competitors are bidding for the same search terms.

Every year, Google Ads is getting more and more expensive and, as the head of a digital marketing agency, there’s no point pretending this isn’t the case.”