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Building and Managing Your Online Reputation

digitalscotland July 26, 2021
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An expert session from the Highlands and Islands Tune into Tourism program.

Highlights from the full webinar.

How do you Interact with your customers online? These days customers are more vocal then ever online, and to protect your business, prevention is better than cure.

Featuring: Teddy Craig Content Strategist, Bright Signals

Teddy has extensive experience in creating “content” for a diverse range of clients in Scotland. He leads the way in being able to devise ways to reach an audience strategically and then execute it with creative flair. Teddy has worked with some of the country’s biggest brands including CalMac, National Galleries of Scotland, Tennent’s Lager, Highland Spring and many more, gaining millions of views on Facebook and other platforms along the way.

Amy Pierzchalo Digital Lead, Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels

Amy is the front line online for some of the most popular resort hotels spread across the country. From the Scottish Borders to the Highlands, Amy’s role involves developing and driving the digital marketing strategy across websites and online platforms. She has been in Digital Marketing for over seven years, and has used her experience to engage and convert a wide range of customers, whilst also managing public facing after-sales service through social media.