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Cut Through on Social Media Part 2 : Instagram | Highlights | Tune into Tourism

digitalscotland July 26, 2021
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An expert session from the Highlands and Islands Tune into Tourism program.

Featuring: Briony Cullin

With years of experience on everything from SEO, digital marketing strategy, social media audits, social media management, and events or marketing campaigns, Briony is a digital marketer who works with small businesses who need help reaching new customers.

She is also the creator, organiser and host of Scotland’s First Cheese Toastie Festival which received media coverage across Scotland and the UK with tickets selling out in 6 minutes and 13,000 RSVPs on Facebook!

She launched theglasgowfoodblog.com in 2010, and then grew Yelp Glasg ow to be one of the leading communities for Yelp in Europe (the #1 local review app with 115 million reviews and over 72 million unique visitors per month on mobile alone).