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Digital Villages for a Digital Scotland – Bringing the Cloud to Scotland’s Rural Communities and SMEs

Building a Scottish Digital Nation on the Cloud

As described in a previous blog research from Microsoft identified the type of challenge holding up Scotland’s productivity and thus economic growth – Low adoption rates by Scottish SMEs of key technologies like Cloud computing.

“While 75% stated that digital technology was essential to the future growth or competitiveness of their business only 37% of the 4,000 Scottish businesses surveyed stated that their employees were equipped with sufficient technology skills to meet the business’ digital technology needs.

Only 36% invested in an improved company web site and only 17 – 19% have invested in e-commerce sites and Cloud services.

28% still don’t even have a web site!”

For Scotland’s rural communities this is an especially acute issue, they face a particularly tough time due to Brexit and must adapt accordingly.

Digital Villages – Digital economy infrastructure for Scotland’s rural communities

Digital Villages directly addresses this need. They offer a complete Cloud-powered, digital enablement program for Scotland’s rural communities, developed around the best practices identified by Scotland’s Rural College that would unlock £2.5 BILLION in new economic growth as a consequence of adopting rural digital innovations.

In their research they identify that over half of small businesses describe other challenges beyond high speed access standing in their way of mastering digital, and identify that rural small businesses have correctly determined what they need to address the situation:

Cloud computing is seen as the biggest driver (67 per cent).

Digital portal

Specifically the Digital Village community portal aligns to their first recommendation:

“1. Set up a single portal for information and local directories giving guidance and support that fulfills the digital needs of rural businesses.”

Digital Scotland has developed a sophisticated Cloud platform for providing each and every town with their own digital portal, providing all the features and more that the SRC recommend, including:

  • Local business directory, offering a browsable index of local businesses.
  • Tourism guide, showcasing the region’s visitor attractions.
  • Events calendar, listing the local fairs and shows.

Check out our first Digital Village site:

Our enablement service goes far beyond just the web site – We’ll help local communities formulate and execute an online marketing plan to boost their tourism numbers and provide the training required to build their own capacity for sustaining these campaigns, and for utilizing digital in a variety of other ways to enhance their local community.

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