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In their CivTech challenge the Scottish Government’s Digital Transformation Directorate define Scotland’s digital ecosystem in terms of an environment of shared best practice learning.

Their Digital First standard identifies an Ecosystem component where previously developed capabilities are reused rather than reinvented from scratch. However there is no single repository of this information, and so their CivTech challenge calls for innovators to develop such a solution.

Users of the system would be organizations in the early stages of setting out their digital project, with it making it easy for them to find similar work already produced that they are about to undertake. This would enable them to reuse those capabilities and that cumulative effect would realize huge savings and efficiencies for Scottish Government IT.

For all very large organizations like the Scottish public sector the potential benefits are enormous. Their sheer size, and repeated organizational structures like Local Government means that there is widespread duplication of efforts, and expenditure repeated unnecessarily.

In 2011 the McClelland report identified this issue and that if this type of best practice sharing and reuse were implemented then savings would grow progressively over five years to between £230m to £300m per annum, with a cumulative saving over five years of from £870m up to £1bn.

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