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DigitalScot.Academy – Building a Scottish digital nation through ‘Social Learning’

The site has now been upgraded to integrate an LMS – Learning Management System.

This means it now combines social networking features with those for creating e-learning courses.

Digital guru Dion Hinchcliffe describes this combination as “Social Learning”, the wholesale digital transformation of education, based on:

“models for learning that are more interactive, community-based, peer-produced, and individually-guided. Learning from internal experts, group conversation, and through shared media such as photos and video”

Building a Learning Nation

As Digital Skills Scotland reports, Scotland faces a skills shortage challenge that would hamper our ambitions to build a world leading digital economy.

Harnessing modern digital learning platforms can address this challenge, and overall presents Scotland with the opportunity to modernize not only what we learn, but how we learn, and transform our entire approach to education.

As Dion describes:

This is sharp contrast to the digital era, where knowledge is pervasive, instantly searchable, consumable on-demand, and kept continuously up-to-date by millions of daily global contributors to the online commons. This allows learning — for better or worse, depending on the critic — to be far more situational, on-demand, self-directed, infinitely customized, even outright enjoyable, depending on the user experience, all of which leads to more profound engagement of learners.

In addition, the rise of social networking technology has allowed people with similar learning interests to come together as a group to share knowledge on a subject — and perhaps even more significantly — to express their passion for an area of learning. This can create deeper, more intense, and more immersive educational experiences within a community of like-minded learners.

Our goal with this Digital Scotland site is for Scotland to be a pioneer at the forefront of this disruptive trend, as one key foundation for achieving an overall world leading digital nation, and to harness it to accelerate the learning capacity of the nation to grow the skills required to make that possible.

Learn at your leisure

Courses blend together online courses, video content and other engaging media, with curriculum able to be broken down into manageable bite size chunks (“micro learning”). Digital Badges reward these small steps of progress.

Learn modern workplace skills

Digital Scotland specializes in the latest cutting edge technology trends and business practices; from Cloud Computing through Agile Development and Digital Marketing, an in-depth catalogue of modern skills courses will be developed and made available.

Route to Work Pathways

A key goal is courseware that is practical and immediately relevant to the modern workplace. We will work with employers to identify their current and future skills requirements, translating these into available learning courses, and employers can easily build their own specific curriculum.

This will be developed from a number of perspectives:

  • Industry sector skills – We will work at an overall industry level, for example Integrated Health and Social Care, to identify a total spectrum of skills needed and develop the required portfolio of courses.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and business growth – Learning programs such as ‘Grow Global‘, that will provide business leaders with a structured learning course that informs and enables their aspirations to expand internationally.


We’d love to hear your thoughts – What feature functionality we should include and also curriculum ideas, what would you like to learn and/or teach?

Comment below or contact us directly.

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