WebinarsIndustry News – Open Source Digital Insight Research and Training is our new platform for hosting an ongoing summit of webinars sharing digital best practices and showcasing Scotland's tech entrepreneurs. is our new platform for hosting an ongoing summit of webinars sharing digital best practices and showcasing Scotland’s tech entrepreneurs.

It is intended as the companion events portal to this site, the idea being the two in concert will provide a rich repository of digital best practices, in a holistic form of expert articles, vendor directory profiles and also via interactive learning events that builds a best practices video library.

The purpose is actually best contextualized through a recent RFP from the Scottish Government. In this tender they have called for a supplier to deliver Digital Insight Research and Training, to meet the strategic requirement of:

“Realising Scotland’s Potential in a Digital World set out our strategic ambitions to transform our services and deliver innovative public services. As we move forward to set our new strategic ambitions in the context of recovery, climate change and digital transformation we must have access to world leading research and the latest thinking and future trends to keep pace with the constantly evolving Digital Technologies industry.”

The goal is to educate and inspire Scottish Government executives to champion transformation within their public sector organisation, through coverage of topics ranging from Cloud computing through AI, all of which and more we will be covering.

Community Benefit

They’ve since awarded that £110,000 contract to a giant London-based American supplier who will presumably deliver the research privately to the Scottish Government, which is all perfectly reasonable however we think our approach offers an additional dimension of benefit to Scotland. will host a schedule of events that exactly meets that curriculum need, but rather than a closed research delivery method we will offer an ‘open source’ community model, where any one can access and learn the materials and critically, and where any one can contribute, with content created and shared by local Scottish experts and in a manner that gives additional community benefit of showcasing up and coming Scottish tech sector small business vendors and startups.

Key objectives of the procurement include:

  • “Our Tech sector is an is an innovative one, successful internationally and involving enthusiastic partners in a network of digital and data talent;
  • Scottish businesses embrace the economic opportunities of digital technology, marketing and ways of working;
  • Geography, background or ability is no barrier to getting online and benefiting from digital technology;
  • The Supplier will also be expected to embrace the Scottish Government’s requirement for delivering community benefits through the contract period. To assist the Scottish Government in understanding what opportunities exist to deliver benefits to the community through the contract.”

In short we think that rather than having someone remotely advise on how to develop Scotland’s tech sector and national digital capability, it should be Scotland’s tech sector themselves that do so.

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