Appointedd – ‘Plug and Play’ Appointment Booking

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Appointedd – ‘Plug and Play’ Appointment Booking

Appointedd is an example of a SaaS offering. Features include appointment and team scheduling, calendar synch and payments, and there is a mobile app so you can use all these on the move.

This participation can be achieved through a form of non-technical 'development', where you create a customized digital business model through a lego brick assembly like process. Through 'widgets' and other web-to-web integrations, it's very easy these days to connect together the services offered from across multiple SaaS providers.

For example if you have created your web site using popular builder tools like Wordpress or Weebly, then there are relevant integrations available so that you can insert your Appointedd booking features directly into your web site, without any new coding required. This video walks through how to do so with




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