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3Finery uses ground-breaking Augmented Reality (AR) technology which can boost customer engagement with remote marketing campaigns by portraying goods, services and venues in innovative way […]
Blockchain Technology Partners
Blockchain Technology Partners is an Edinburgh-based startup that embodies the potential for Scotland to be a world leader in the most critical of technology fields, the Blockchain. Founded […]
Neatebox’s mission is to create a scalable and sustainable company that creates solutions to the very real challenges faced by our society and aims to build smart solutions based on the cha […]
Ionburst is a software solution that provides data defence-in-depth for any digital assets anywhere. Ransomware and quantum-resilient, created to bridge the security gap between data, stora […]
Stampede offers hospitality businesses a uniquely powerful digital marketing platform. Their core Guest Wifi product opens automatically when customers and guests connect to your WiFi. A on […]
Candidate.ID offers award-winning software which shows your recruiters which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ in real-time and which are the closest match to your job description. […]
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