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GitOps – An operating model for building cloud native applications

Weaveworks has pioneered and defined ‘GitOps‘ best practices:

“1. An operating model for Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies, providing a set of best practices that unify deployment, management and monitoring for containerized clusters and applications.

2. A path towards a developer experience for managing applications; where end-to-end CICD pipelines and git workflows are applied to both operations, and development. “

As the term suggests it’s an approach based on using Git as the central, single source of truth for application development and deployment. There is a ‘source of truth’ for both your infrastructure and application code, allowing development teams to increase velocity and improve system reliability.

Your system configuration is defined and stored in a version control system, with the use of software agents to detect when this changes and automatically update the production environment to match it. offers this guide:

This approach brings many benefits:

  • Your apps can be easily deployed and rolled back to and from Kubernetes. And even more importantly, when disaster strikes, your cluster’s infrastructure can also be dependably and quickly reproduced. This trivializes rollbacks; where you can use a `Git revert` to go back to your previous application state.
  • When you use Git workflows to manage your cluster, you automatically gain a convenient audit log of all cluster changes outside of Kubernetes. An audit trail of who did what, and when to your cluster can be used to meet SOC 2 compliance and ensure stability.
  • Continuous deployment automation with an integrated feedback control loop speeds up Mean Time to Deployment. Your team can ship 30-100 times more changes per day, increasing overall development output 2-3 times.

Operations by Pull Request

At the heart of GitOps is an model of ‘Operations by Pull Request‘, explained in this presentation from Alexis Richardson, Founder and CEO of Weaveworks.

Weaveworks enables the GitOps core machinery is in its CI/CD tooling with the critical piece being continuous deployment (CD) that supports Git-cluster synchronization, and they offer training and professional services to support it’s implementation.

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