Blockchain Builders

Blockchain and NFT digital solutions for Scottish businesses

As Starbucks describes they are integrating NFTs into their digital business model to power a rewards program featuring digital collectible assets that unlock access to new benefits and immersive coffee experiences.

Similarly Nike is also utilizing NFTs, to enable customers to purchase and customize ‘virtual sneakers’, as part of engaging in an immersive ‘Metaverse’ environment.

These represent the cutting edge of technology innovations utilized to power new digital business models, and critically, they aren’t only accessible to large enterprise organizations.

Even the smallest of businesses can tap into and harness these trends, such as Scottish whisky suppliers offering NFT-based Digital Provenance Certificates, to authenticate the purchase of rare cask editions. Kin is building a Web 3.0 search engine on the Blockchain.

Our guide and services helps other Scottish companies to also leverage these innovations to radically transform their online business.

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