Digital Education

Transforming Scottish Education for the 21st Century

From online classes through ‘Metaverse’ virtual world environments, the tools for digital education are revolutionizing at a dramatic pace.

Scotland’s opportunity is to grasp the nettle and become a pioneering adopter of these technologies to transform schooling, setting in place the keystone foundation to become a world leading digital nation.

Of course technology alone will not transform a policy system, especially one set in its ways for decades if not hundreds of years. Radical, disruptive ideas for how education is delivered and assessed must be the lead catalyst for change to shape how they are adopted.

The goal of this ebook is to document both, to capture insights from Scotland’s digital learning policy and technology visionaries, and lay out a roadmap that leads to an entirely transformed, 21st century Scottish Education system.

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Vscene: Video Collaboration for Education

Vscene brings real-time interaction into remote teaching, equipping classrooms with a virtual learning environment that supports live communication and engagement.

Administrate: Configurable training management software

Administrate is a training management platform that helps enterprises streamline their learning and development function through comprehensive, configurable, cloud-based software.

Gecko: Student Engagement Platform

Gecko is an engagement platform that transforms the student experience. It provides students and staff with a connected and customizable experience, all under one roof.

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