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Membership Features
Benefits of joining Digital Scotland.

Networking and collaboration

Digital Scotland is a social networking site, like Linkedin, but tailored specifically for the local Scottish market.

As a member you can create an expert social profile, to showcase the skills and services you offer, and connect with other members, send messages and share updates.

Professional Members also enjoy access to networking and recruitment fast-track programs.

Boost your digital profile

Digital Scotland enjoys a top front page Google search ranking, achieved through our high quality content and advanced content marketing platform.

Visibility on Digital Scotland will increase your chances of being found by prospects searching for digital skills providers. We also offer accelerator services for Business Members.

Virtual Communities of Practice

A variety of solution options for small and large organizations to support digital campaigns and new online business models.

Membership Levels
Digital Scotland membership levels.
Site Member
  • Create a member profile
  • Share status updates
  • Access to collaboration groups
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per annum
  • Site Member +
  • Connect with other members
  • Send messages
  • Access premium groups
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per annum
  • Professional +
  • Create collaboration groups
  • Directory profile listing
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