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Planning a Social Business

Digital Scotland August 17, 2019

It’s a relatively new concept but has been underway for a few years now and a wealth of resources are available to help conceive and launch a Social Business.

There are two main component parts to this:

  1. Defining the business model of the organization
  2. Identifying the desired ‘Social Impact’ it will achieve

Social Venture Development

Business model planning resources for new social ventures include the Social Lean CanvasSocial Business Model Canvas, and Mission Model Canvas, utilizing best practice resources such as this guide for Social Enterprise design.

Social Impact Reporting 

The Centre for Good Governance offers this comprehensive Social Impact planning guide, the US Dept of Commerce also published this set of guidelines.

The Social Value Lab has pioneered ground-breaking best practices, such as Social ROI, and similarly the Social Value Portal has developed a Social Maturity Index.