Digital Scotland

Blueprint for a Digital Nation

The purpose of Digital Scotland is to support and help accelerate the Scottish Government’s ambition for the country to become a world leading digital nation, and our ebook provides a complete blueprint for achieving this, covering:

  • Building a Scottish Digital Ecosystem on the Blockchain- The overall single framework and digital community for defining a digital nation, and how this can be built atop the Blockchain.
  • E-Estonia X-Road - Estonia is the world's leading digital nation, offering an exemplar case study for Scotland to emulate. Central to their success is their national X-Road system.
  • Building the Scottish Credential Ecosystem with SSI - 'Self Sovereign Identity' will provide the keystone foundation for a trusted infrastructure for Scotland's digital economy.
  • Transforming Scottish Education through a Digital Badge Learning Ecosystem - A very powerful use case for Blockchain and SSI is Education, which can be transformed through the use of verified 'digital badges'.
  • A Digital Village Improvement District strategy for revitalizing local economic growth in Scotland - 'Digital Villages' offer a technology-driven platform for achieving bottom up, inclusive growth across rural Scotland..
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