National Data Platform

Digital Nation Action Plan

Pioneering Scotland's Personal Data Ecosystem

Action project to define and implement a central, unifying platform for data sharing in Scotland, and to pioneer the ‘Personal Data Ecosystem‘.

Executive Summary

The Scottish Council for Development and Industry identified that:

“The Scottish Government must invest in data, digital and technology in health and social care to help Scotland recover from Covid-19. Closing the data gap in the sector could be worth £800m a year and deliver savings of £5.4bn to NHS Scotland. SCD said better data would help to build resilience against future public health challenges, which in turn will drive a healthy economy.”

The report identifies what it calls ‘Scotland’s Data Gap’ – the gap between ‘the health & social care data we collect, utilise or share today and the health & social care data we need and could collect, utilise or share in the future’ to better design and deliver care and services. It says that trust and transparency is key. Health & social care data needs to be ethical, secure and anonymised as far as possible with robust governance arrangements for use and sharing.

Action Projects

Action Projects

Industry Roadmap

The main project strategy document for organizing the industry campaign.

Collaboration Group

The workspace for connecting with team and industry peers.

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