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Transforming Scottish Education

As the Courier reports Chris van der Kuyl, known for developing the popular Minecraft game for consoles, states that a transformation of Education is central to Scotland’s economic future. The purpose of this project is to specify the details of how to achieve that transformation.

Executive Summary

The pandemic exposed the realities of how well equipped Scotland is to deliver education digitally. While individual teachers adapted admirably, it was clear it was not a general capacity that was mature and effective.

Furthermore specific subjects demonstrate how far behind education is in supporting the ambition to build a world leading digital nation. The teaching of the core Computer Science skills central to a digital economy is ‘in crisis‘, with enrollment and staff numbers in steep decline. Professor Bill Buchanan describes how Computer Science is “crashing” out of the curriculum.

Therefore Scotland needs a deep transformation of both curriculum and the methods of it’s delivery, modernizing both to support Scotland’s digital nation ambitions. Chris van der Kuyl describes how “Our education system needs to transform into a 21st century powerhouse of resource.”

The goal of this roadmap is to detail the specifics of how that transformation can be realized.

Action Projects

Action Projects

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The main project strategy document for organizing the industry campaign.

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