Digital Villages

Scotland’s larger towns and cities have the resources and expertise to implement Smart City strategies, but the smaller rural village communities do not.

Digital Villages address that gap.

The vision for these sites is that they enable digital communities that better bring together local people and empower them to collectively action the improvements and better social cohesion and participation they would all like to see.

At a Scottish Government policy level, Digital Villages are an ideal catalyst and accelerator of ‘Digital Improvement Districts‘.

Harness the Cloud

Research from Microsoft identified the type of challenge holding up Scotland’s productivity and thus economic growth – Low adoption rates by Scottish SMEs of key technologies like Cloud computing.

“While 75% stated that digital technology was essential to the future growth or competitiveness of their business only 37% of the 4,000 Scottish businesses surveyed stated that their employees were equipped with sufficient technology skills to meet the business’ digital technology needs.

Only 36% invested in an improved company web site and only 17 – 19% have invested in e-commerce sites and Cloud services.

28% still don’t even have a web site!”

Digital Villages directly addresses this need. They offer a complete Cloud-powered, digital enablement program for Scotland’s rural communities, developed around the best practices identified by Scotland’s Rural College that would unlock £2.5 BILLION in new economic growth as a consequence of adopting rural digital innovations.

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