Scottish Startup Mallzee Gamifies Online Shopping

In the feature video, Jamie Sutherland, the CTO of Scottish e-commerce startup Mallzee, describe the app that helps retailers from all over the world, one of the rapidly growing industries in the world. People desire to avoid the hassle of visiting different stores, instead preferring a single app purchase.

Jamie explains how the platform acts as both the Tinder-style product aggregator as well as a predictive analytics tool for retail businesses. He also shares why machine learning is critical to Mallzee’s success, defining the success mantra for the success of Mallzee as a startup.

Purpose of Mallzee application

At 0:12, Jamie explains that on the consumer side, they aggregate products from nearly 150 different retail brands, adding that all these items are taken together and made shoppable, all through a single app, and that by doing this, people will find it extremely easy and convenient to access all the required items and to buy them.

At 0:22 he explains that through the app, the users can purchase the items, all through a single transaction, and that through this medium, they strive to help the retailers make better buying decisions around their product set. At 0:33, he puts forward a scenario where a retailer desires to put out a new summer range.

They can discuss the product range with Mallzee and the app will be able to project the best and the worst performances of the products during the season.

At 0:51 Jamie explains he’s new to the fashion industry, and loves how the fast changing nature of it makes it a great challenge to be met through rapidly building innovative new tools on the AWS platform.

Role of Machine Learning

At 1:07 he says that since everyone needs clothes, demand for fashion is around the clock and is thus a very demanding industry, and begins to explain how machine learning plays a role in formulating the product sales projections for the retailers.

At 1:12 Jamie explains that they’ve built APIs to ingest large volumes of product information from retailers, that comes in a wide variety of data structure formats. So machine learning is utilized to sort and understand this pool of data, categorizing it and determining insights such as the floral patterns of dresses. All of this innovation adds up to the core proposition of Mallzee – Presenting the right product to the right people at the right time.

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