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Social Selling with Linkedin – Mastering 21st century business networking

LinkedIn social selling has become one of the best social networks for the success of the sales organization. It has been proven in several research...

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The On Demand Economy is key to the survival of Scotland’s rural communities

Scotland facing a population crisis As the Scotsman reported in 2018 Scotland's rural communities face losing up to a third of their working age population...

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Open Banking as a Platform – Architecture for Disruptive FinTech Business Models

Massive new startups like Uber taxis, Airbnb and many more are pioneering the ‘On Demand Economy’, implementing a Cloud-based On Demand Business Framework which...

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Smart Villages – Unlocking the £2.5 billion digital potential of Scotland’s rural communities

We've now launched the first 'Smart Village' site on our purpose-built Cloud platform: The goal is to harness our technology expertise to implement the...

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Blockchain Operating System Architecture for Open Banking Services

Blockchain Banking Introducing the role Blockchain will play in Open Banking, Tech Funnel says: "Blockchain technology changes this by allowing a sense of trust between stakeholders...

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