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IT Integration Biggest Block to Integrated Health and Social Care – The Case for a Scottish X-Road Platform

Scotland has an bold ambition to achieve an integrated approach to Health and Social Care. Naturally the bedrock of achieving this would be the integration...

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Monetizing the Margins – Leveraging Open Banking for Good

Another example of the Platform approach is seen through plans by the Scottish Government to implement a 'PPaaS' - Payment Platform as a Service. This...

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Platformation – Cloud Computing Tools at the Service of Social Change

A new Project added to our Action plan is a goal to build a 'Social Innovation Nation'. In short a national collaboration to harness the...

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GaaP in Scotland – Government as a Platform

Government as a Platform The Scottish Digital Economy action plan defines a number of goals that would be best achieved through a 'GaaP' architecture -...

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Cloud Gaming as a Service: A Hyper-Growth Niche Market Opportunity for Scotland

A key way for Scotland to greatly boost their tech sector and overall economy is to specialize in particular niche fields, through hyper-growth 'micro...

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