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Harnessing AI for Social Good : ‘No Wrong Door Chatbots’ for Integrated Homelessness Support

Funding opportunity: Nesta has launched a £100k fund for 'AI for Social Good' applications. This article proposes a potential use case of 'No Wrong Door...

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Digital Scotland as Entrepreneurial, Ecosystem Enabling Organization

The goal of Digital Scotland is to evolve into a sophisticated 'Platform Ecosystem', a digital marketplace akin to Uber or Airbnb but for professional...

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Harnessing ‘Government as a Platform’ for Scottish Health and Social Care

Platform Business Model Massive new startups like Uber taxis, Airbnb and many more are pioneering the ‘On Demand Economy’, implementing a Cloud-based On Demand Business...

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Building the Scottish Common Blockchain with Self-Sovereign Identity

For Scotland to realize an ambition of becoming a digital world leader this requires that we pioneer, not follow, the latest cutting edge developments...

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As this IOD article describes, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon recognizes businesses are the lifeblood of Scotland's success. She also identifies international growth as the key...

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Neil McEvoy

Founder and Consultant, Digital Scotland

Entrepreneurial senior executive and consultant with deep expertise in Cloud and SaaS computing and Digital Transformation.


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