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Building a Scottish digital ecosystem on the Blockchain

A foundation technology for building a Scottish digital ecosystem will be the Blockchain. Used in conjunction with other key technologies notably Digital Identity this combination...

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Scotland as a Platform

The ultimate ambition of Digital Scotland is to implement a national 'digital ecosystem'. As Wikipedia describes: A digital ecosystem is a distributed, adaptive, open socio-technical system with properties of self-organisation, scalability and sustainability inspired...

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Business Architecture for Cloud Migration and Transformation

A process of migrating to the Cloud can be very simple, such as moving from in-house Microsoft Exchange email to Google Apps, or it...

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Augmented Reality – Pioneering the Metaverse in Scotland

As suggested in a previous blog, Scotland could greatly accelerate their digital economy success through concentrating investment into key, very high growth niche sectors,...

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Scotland – The Digital Republic

For inspiration from real world examples of what a wholly digital nation can achieve for a country, Estonia offers a shining beacon to follow. While...

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Neil McEvoy

Founder and Consultant, Digital Scotland

Entrepreneurial senior executive and consultant with deep expertise in Cloud and SaaS computing and Digital Transformation.


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