Pioneering the Metaverse in Scotland

Showcasing the Scottish innovators pioneering the most significant evolution of technology in history.

When Neal Stephenson coined “the Metaverse” three decades ago, his book Snow Crash was found on the shelves of science fiction.

Fast forward to today and that vision is quickly becoming a modern reality.

Numerous companies are now building toward their version of the metaverse, including Neal himself, and through early pioneers like Second Life, Roblox, Epic Games and Facebook, and many more.

There are many different ideas for how the Metaverse will come about, featuring technologies ranging from Virtual and Augmented Reality through the Blockchain and AI, and many compelling visions for where it may lead over the coming decades.

Our guide compiles and showcases this wide spectrum of ideas, technologies and ventures, to provide a comprehensive vision of a Metaverse Future, showcasing Scottish innovators pioneering the trend, important use cases for it’s adoption and massive opportunities for new startup ventures.


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