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Webinar Series: Building a Scottish Cloud Centre of Excellence

Our DigitalScot.cloud webinar series will create a knowledge base for a Scottish Cloud Centre of Excellence.

From the Home Office to Reuters and the National Australia Bank, enterprise organizations are now wholly embracing the Cloud and migrating their legacy IT estates.

The size of the deals, like £120m for the Home Office, demonstrate that the scale of the projects is a key part of the challenge. It’s not just about the specific Cloud migration skills but also managing this enterprise level of complexity.

Furthermore as the Home Office describes in their blog it’s also not just an exercise in ‘lifting and shifting’ IT from in-house to hosted services, it’s also about transforming how organizations develop and deploy software.

Implementing DevOps for one team is a relatively straight forward exercise, but for enterprise organizations they face a much larger magnitude of complexity, as they typically have multiple teams, spanning multiple geographies and suppliers, with hundreds of developers all contributing to the same software development process.

Building a Cloud Centre of Excellence

As we describe in a previous blog best practices like Scaled Agile (SAFe) offer a framework for addressing and managing this complexity, through establishing a Cloud Centre of Excellence. Our goal with the DigitalScot.cloud series of webinars is to create a set of resources for underpinning the development of a Scottish Cloud COE.

The first of these presentations is from Jon Gasparini – Migrating to the Public Cloud – Lessons from the Trenches.

From his experiences as CTO of Brightsolid as well as working with public and private sector organisations across the UK, Europe and North America, Jon Gasparini will share valuable insight into the key challenges and risks that most organisations will typically need to address to successfully adopt, and migrate existing services to, public cloud.

Migrating to public cloud is not just a technology transformation. As the first in an ongoing series, Jon will provide an overview of the wider organisational considerations and challenges that need to form a core part of any organisation’s cloud journey including target operating model, skills development and retention, security and compliance controls, and budget / cost management.

Brightsolid recently launched a new cloud compliance framework to help businesses strengthen their data security measures as the growth of cloud and digital transformation continues to accelerate. The Cloud Control Framework, part of the company’s Professional Services division, is believed to be one of the first-to-market services in this area.

In subsequent follow-on talks Jon will drill down into the detail of each, providing business and technology executives with an ongoing series of Cloud adoption best practices that will prove invaluable in forming a Cloud strategy for your organisation.

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