Digital Scotland launches social publishing community for Scottish digital experts

0 combines a Scottish social network with blog publishing and SEO marketing tools

Use the Submit function to send through your articles. This article provides a quick, high level overview for how to approach what type of blog to consider publishing.

Showcasing Scotland’s digital community

Intended as the ‘Linkedin for Scotland’ offers social networking features, for members to build their professional profile and connect with other industry members, and furthermore promote themselves by publishing regular expert blogs.

The objective is to work in partnership – Our goal is to grow the site to become one of Scotland’s most popular media portals, specializing in all things Digital, and to achieve that by showcasing the individuals and businesses who make up the sector.

It’s a great way to promote your brand and attract traffic to your own web site and services. Each of your articles is accompanied by your Author Profile, where you can share your biography and web site link.

Digital Scotland will promote each blog through our extensive social feeds, and handy ‘social share’ buttons encourage readers to further share it with their networks.

Expert SEO

Additionally the site is equipped with powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools.

The site runs the Yoast SEO module and we implement all of their recommended best practices, for how the site should be structured and indexed to maximize the search engine scoring. Individual authors can also then do the same, such as following the 10 tips for writing an awesome SEO-friendly blog post.

For example articles can be tagged with expert topics, like Data Science or Cloud Computing, and each of these tags generates an SEO link for that topic. In short the key to successful SEO is to write great content that lots of people link to, and to index the content with the relevant terms users search for when trying to find out more about that content.

The best way to achieve this is a multi-author site with an overall tag indexing structure – That way key topics like Data Science are referenced multiple times, increasing the site tag density, and therefore increasing the ranking of each individual article that uses it.

News Blogs – Tapping trends through ‘newsjacking’

A keynote type of content to consider posting is a News Blog.

This simply means a blog that is indexed with the News category – These feature prominently at the top of and act as the centrepiece of the latest articles section.

For marketing purposes they are especially powerful as they represent the use of the technique known as ‘Newsjacking‘.

This means writing about a breaking hot news item, so that the article can tap into the quickly exploding demand for information about this topic.

The ideal format is to then provide some additional commentary – What is your personal view on why this news is important, what are other perspectives to consider about it?

Digital Scotland is waiting…

These are just a few quick basics to get you started, we’ll be adding further expert articles on how best to use blogging and to promote your business, and to demonstrate the key principles in effect, these will come from a variety of local Scottish digital marketing experts, perhaps you!

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Editor of the site.

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