Email Marketing Sales Pipeline

Managed service for Business Development pipeline building. A three month accelerator engagement.


ActiveCampaign offers various features for the sales team to work with this way via a Deals CRM function.

This email-centric approach to managing sales pipelines is a simple but very powerful model, for a number of reasons:

  • Many organizations are poor at regular ‘nurturing’ – Marketing tends to focus on the first step of content campaigns, and Sales only on working with qualified prospects. The big gap between the two, of regular ‘nudges’ to keep your business in the mind of prospects tends to be overlooked by both. Automating these interactions addresses that gap.
  • Salespeople spend much of their time in email. ActiveCampaign includes a G-Suite integration, so that all of their prospect communications can update pipelines accordingly, without any admin hassles for the sales team.


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