– Like Ebay Stores, but Scottish is a new venture under development, that will launch in the new year.

As the title suggests, this will operate a ‘Multivendor Marketplace’ – A site where multiple sellers can each create their own e-store, and visitors can browse and buy from any of them.

This will accelerate our Digital Nation Action Plan, specifically the digital enablement and support of micro and small businesses. It’s still the case that many don’t even have a web site.

So this will provide them an ultra simple way of achieving that, with the key distinction from other options like EBay or Amazon obviously being that it’s entirely Scotland focused. This means a much more local, hands on technical support, and a concentrated market focus.

Key features will include:

  1. A powerful set of digital marketing tools – As well as loading up your products, you’ll be able to send e-vouchers, email marketing etc.
  2. Cryptocurrency – Accept Bitcoin payments et al. This is another key technology field where SMEs know they should be doing more but it is simply beyond them.

In short it will leverage the SaaS (Software as a Service) model to make easily accessible the powerful e-commerce and digital marketing technologies that most small businesses would greatly benefit from but don’t have the resource or expertise to deploy themselves.

There is also great potential to team up with other Scottish innovators, such as Miconex. They offer a gift card system that could tie in with #1, with a particular focus on local towns, such as Perth. will be able to provide the core e-commerce tools for selling their products, and organized into similarly local sections, like This will provide a powerful combined solution to achieve key Scottish Government goals like boosting local commerce for local merchants.

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