Top 7 JavaScript frameworks to learn in 2020

What is JavaScript framework?

JavaScript framework is an application framework which is written in JavaScript, Frameworks of JavaScript are preferred for the website designing, because these frameworks provide better, smoother and responsive application to your device.

Responsiveness is one of many reasons, There are tremendous amount of functionality and utilities provided by these frameworks below. The list that we shared with you is based on popularity, functionality, and the future stability in the market of these frameworks.

1. Angular

Angular is always be at the top, it’s a open source JavaScript framework used to develop Single Page Application(SPA), Angular with its version 8 uses Typescript, which is transpile to JavaScript code further on execution. Angular is MVC(Model View Controller) framework.

Angular is very useful and recommended framework because of its useful tools and ready made implementation.

2. React

React is efficient and flexible JavaScript framework built by Facebook to create interactive user interface. One of the advantage of learning React in 2020 because of its large number of users and a greater Developer community.
There always be a fight between Angular and React for the first stage, React also deserves the rank first in list.

3. Vue

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework, developed in 2016. Gain popularity by times because of it’s proven faster DOM manipulation than Angular and React, and there is new version of this framework will release this year with additional features.

4. Ember

Ember.js came into this world in 2015, and since then, it starts gaining popularity, the rank four in this list is definitely for this framework because it uses two way data binding and able to establish a platform where complicated user interface handled.

5. Meteor

(Meteor.js or MeteorJs)This framework is actually used for the back-end development, database management, and more.

6. Svelte

Svelte is an extremely fast framework because this framework compiles code to pure JavaScript including third party libraries. This is true Svelte will become a right framework to learn as developers are started showing interest into this framework.

7. NodeJs

NodeJs already gains lots of respect by developers, NodeJs is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment, that’s why have similar properties of JAVA. In 2020 NodeJs definitely a good choice to learn.


Web Designing is already a boom at the market, and this true that these JavaScript framework will surely not died soon and every framework is in demand for most of the startups or good companies.

But in the end the choice should be yours, because your interest matters the most.

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