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Digital Scotland launches to showcase Scottish town’s William Wallace history to a global audience

Digital Scotland has launched, the first of what will be a national rollout of ‘Smart Village’ digital tourism portals for Scotland’s smaller rural towns.

History Tourism

Like so many of Scotland’s communities Lanark has a deep history that can be better utilized to promote the town to a global audience and greatly increase the volume of tourist visitors and thus the local economy, creating more jobs for residents and startup business opportunities.

Our approach is one of “History Tourism”, each portal will tap into the unique folklore of that town, content that is ideal for online social marketing, a principle of ‘Harnessing the Outlander effect‘.

The town has a magical historical story, being the famous location of William Wallace killing the town sheriff and igniting the Scottish Wars of Independence.

The Braveheart movie is renowned worldwide but few know of or connect this to the town of Lanark itself – A connection this initiative will set out to establish.

Smart Villages

All of Scotland’s towns and local authorities can harness the latest digital technologies as a catalyst for the overall economic development of a region. Lanark is a great example, an epitome of the economic challenges faced across Scotland whole.

Today the town is symptomatic of these broader economic difficulties, with the high street a showcase of deprivation, such as the derelict Royal Oak hotel and similarly run down old Regal cinema across the road.

Tourism is a key driver that can reverse this trend, but as the Carluke Gazette reported, a byproduct of Scotland’s increasingly centralized approach to tourism marketing has resulted in a loss of localized resources for this purpose.

The closure was correctly justified through the recognition of the shift to digital, but no local digital strategy was established to fill the hole it left. is intended as that missing initiative.

We believe a Digital Tourism strategy with global ambitions will act as the ignition for a scale of economic growth that entirely transforms the town, injecting a new lease of life, boosting revenues for all local businesses and creating many new jobs.

Digital Scotland
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Skyscanner – “Starting out with Data” by Dave Pier, Product Manager

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