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Whisky on the Blockchain – Scottish Innovators Pioneer World’s First Single Cask Scotch with a Digital Provenance Certificate

The single most important project relative to the goals of the Scottish Blockchain Network has been pioneered by The Whisky Barrel and their tech experts CD Corp.

It’s so important because the primary challenge the industry faces is that it can be an extremely confusing, jargon-filled sector, to the extent it’s perceived as a very cliquey community populated only by hard-core techies and is thus inaccessible, and critically, irrelevant to others especially businesses.

Therefore’s it’s essential to showcase case studies that explain in plain english how businesses are adopting the technology, what use case it has been employed for and what benefits this has brought the company.

The Whisky Barrel project demonstrates i) how they have integrated it into and enhanced their e-commerce strategy, and ii) the technology field is still so young that it’s possible to achieve world firsts, and thus significant competitive advantage and associated PR potential.

As Insider reported they have released one of the world’s first single-cask Scotch whiskies with a digital provenance certificate, using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to digitally certify its whisky, which securely transmits essential product information on a public ledger, helping collectors and connoisseurs alleviate the risk of investing in counterfeit whisky.

Each of the 152 individually-numbered bottles feature a unique QR code that links to its corresponding digital certificate. This token provides digital proof of ownership, as well as the provenance of each bottle. Each NFT is minted on the Solana blockchain platform, which was chosen for its carbon-neutral and low-energy consumption qualities.



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