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Will the Metaverse Replace Traditional Education?

Education meets the Metaverse: The promise and the worry.

A headline theme for our upcoming webinar series is to explore the role the ‘Metaverse’ might play in transforming Scottish Education.

In his Tedx talk Renaat Toppets reveals the ins and outs of using virtual worlds for education and answers the question of the year: will the Metaverse replace traditional education?

Digital guru Bernard Marr explores How Will The Metaverse Transform Education, where he describes how the metaverse is poised to create more engaging, meaningful experiences for students of all ages.

The promise and the worry

The Center for Universal Education and the Yidan Prize Foundation co-hosted a virtual event Education meets the metaverse: The promise and the worry, to consider a path for bringing the best educational practices into the metaverse, stemming in part from a recent policy brief.

A moderated discussion of expert panelists sought to answer questions such as: How can those creating educational products for the metaverse work with educators and scientists to ensure that children experience real human social interaction as they navigate virtual spaces?

How can we empower and support children as they safely explore these spaces? Is there a real eye to diversity in the representation and access to what is created?

Scottish Pioneers

As described in this previous article Eduverse pioneers in Scotland include the ESMS schools in Edinburgh and Forfar Academy.

There are also exciting startup ventures: Edify was founded by Scottish entrepreneurs with backgrounds in immersive content and technology Martin McDonnell and Chris Bryson.

With Edify educators can create and share lessons and immersive learning content with students across desktop, mobile, and virtual reality. This means they can:

  • Teach complex and abstract subjects more effectively and in more engaging ways.
  • Work in virtual labs to conduct challenging or costly experiments safely and on repeat.
  • Travel in time and experience historical sites as they were centuries ago.
  • Level up the in-person learning experience, using virtual reality to go anywhere and do anything.


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